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Monday, February 11, 2008

New Zealand's Calm Waters

calm waters sml

Typical beach on the east coast of New Zealand.

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Laura said...

Really gorgeous! I love the contrast between the beach and the water. Nice capture!

Chica said...

Awesome, I like the way you framed it, more DOF would have only been a plus. :)

Treehouse Dwellers said...

Thanks Chica - definitely something I need to practice.

Susie said...

Makes me want to take off my shoes and go for a long solice walk on the beach. Gorgeous photo! Would make a nice desktop picture!

Treehouse Dwellers said...

Thanks - that's just how I feel about it. Feel free to pop it on your desktop - I don't mind people using my photos for this kind of use. Obviously don't want people to on-sell though. Help yourself to a desktop change.

Carol said...

Wow! That's gorgeous. I wanna go!