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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ninety Mile Beach - The Top Of New Zealand

Waipapakauri sml

I searched Google for information about Ninety Mile Beach but found little that presented this stunning location to my satisfaction. We have travelled to this West Coast Wonder for many a holiday. The raging surf on the west coast is thunderous. It crashes and rumbles, tosses and churns the entire stretch of a beach that disappears miles past the vanishing mists. It is in fact, only 60miles long, and one theory is that missionaries measured this with horses that they estimated could walk for 30miles a day. After 30 days they concluded the trek from the southern point at Ahipara to the northern tip of New Zealand at Cape Reigna was 90miles. They did not however consider the slowing effect of horses walking on sand. This beach, as with many in New Zealand, is a registered road. The road rules for this beach are the same as for a highway. It is great fun to roar along the beach in any car – however many a tragedy has occurred here including car accidents and cars being stuck in the sand when the tide changes. If you want a wild west coast extravaganza - Te Oneroa a Tohe - the long beach of Tohe (Ninety Mile Beach) will give you this and more. Ahipara (more costly) and Waipapakauri (cheaper rougher options) are two areas to chill out and soak up the roar of this ocean.


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Chica said...

The Minimalism of this photo really makes it work, nicely done! :)

2sweetnsaxy said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Nicole said...

Beautiful image!

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Elena said...

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