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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mt Ngauruhoe - New Zealand

Mountain sml

Mt Ngauruhoe (Māori: Ngah-oo-roo-haw-eh)is an iconic active volcano set in the center of New Zealand's North Island and part of the Tongariro National Park. It is the perfect cone shaped neighbour of Mt Ruepahu - in fact they share the same magma source below the earth's crust. Ngauruhoe last erupted in 1975, and frequently belches smoke from its enormous crater. There were 45 eruptions in the 20C, and between 1839 and 1975, 70 eruptions were recorded. It has now been quiet for over 30years - the longest time in recorded history. Its neighbour, Mt Ruapehu's has had more recent eruptions, the last occurring 12 years ago in 1996.

If you ever wish for an idyllic spot to ski or hike - choose New Zealand's Tongariro Mountains


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2sweetnsaxy said...

Great photo. That's a lot of snow. Even when we get the best snow here in Southern California they're never completely covered like that.

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